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Vignettes: Rebekah Meldrum & Paul Holdman

Holdman and Meldrum A2

copy by Donovan Wheeler featured image by Tasha Ramey Photography The first time I heard Rebekah Meldrum sing she stood atop a flatbed trailer on the downhill end of Greencastle’s Franklin Street.  Belting out the lyrics to “Coattails,” and anchored by Paul Holdman’s masterful fret work on blues guitar, Meldrum’s ...

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Winter House: Chapter 10


Winter House Home Page Fiction by Christian Shuck Chapter Ten June 3rd, 1972 The West Indiana State University campus was an easy bike ride from the McGregor’s home. Rian was glad he could use his bicycle, it was one of the things he missed most about Ireland. The concrete jungle of ...

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Cole Woodruff: His Own Sound, His Own Voice

Woodruff Cover with Logo

by Donovan Wheeler photos by James Ramos and Tim McLaughlin Cole Woodruff and I have one important thing in common: we both grew up a good bit away from the pavement.  The farm Woodruff grew up on sits an hour northwest of Indy.  My grandaddy’s farm, where I cut my ...

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Winter House: Chapter 9


Winter House Home Page Fiction by Christian Shuck Chapter Nine April 13th, 1864 “What the hell is that?!” asked Matthias, stepping back from the cloud of dust. They covered their mouths with handkerchiefs as the foul air swept out of the small cavern. Edward, his partner, waved his hand against ...

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Baseball Days

ISU baseball

In the spring of 1991, I covered the Indiana State University baseball team.  In the process I watched them record one of their greatest wins–an obscure afternoon game in Bloomington which few people remember.   A couple weeks ago, while sitting at my desk, I gazed out my window and watched ...

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Bands You Need to Hear: Oldfield and the New Birds

Oldfield New Birds

There’s something about the Hotel Tango stage at the Virginia Avenue Music Fest.  Two years ago, my finacée and I stumbled upon a young Dacota Muckey, cutting his musical teeth with band, The Trip.  Last year, on yet another warm and beautiful Saturday, lightning struck again. Well, it wasn’t literally ...

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The Real Hero of Indiana State is Not Larry Bird

November 09, 2013 Larry Bird Statue Dedication 2-91-X3

Like a lot of Sycamores, I’m proud of what happened in 1979.  But none of those guys are my Alma mater’s heroes. Editorial Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this web site are solely those of the original authors and other contributors. These views and opinions do not necessarily ...

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Artists You Need to Hear: Dacota Muckey


I stumbled upon Dacota Muckey by accident.  Wendi*, some good friends, and I had just finished downing what seemed like a half-keg of Chilly Water’s blood orange IPA while Brother O’ Brother ripped open the Saturday leg of 2017’s Virginia Avenue Music Fest.  Warner Swopes had spent the last half hour ...

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When Christmas Ends

Christmas Boxed 01

Christmas ended in the span of three hours.  If it were up to me, I’d hang onto it for another five or six days—past the New Year at least.  But my fiancée, Wendi, is a “to-do” list sort of pragmatist.  Christmas was over.  All that stuff had to come down.  ...

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The Specific Problem with Standardized Tests

Featured Image

Grading a school or a teacher based on a “blind test” is the same as evaluating a football coach who cannot scout his opponents. When the Hoosier state finally (finally) released this year’s ISTEP results, Indiana House Representative Jim Lucas (R-Seymour) wasted no time in politicizing it: “Less than half ...

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Go Ask ALICE: Through the Looking Glass


It takes more than dollars to raise a non-profit mission. It takes a village.  In parts I and II of this series I highlighted some of the concerns about charitable giving, changes to tax laws that will affect it in the future, and the organizations that rely on donations for ...

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A Former Earlham Quaker on the End of Football

Wheeler and McGowan Cropped

A former Earlham College football player laments the school’s recent decision suspend the program. Editorial Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this web site are solely those of the original authors and other contributors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of National Road Magazine, the NRM ...

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A Working Formula

Green and Query

After false starts and self-inflicted wounds, Colby Green and Josh Query have found something together, which they couldn’t quite make work apart. by Donovan Wheeler video by Brandon Pershing Double-take number one happens when Josh Query sidles up to the bar on my right side and orders an O’Doul’s.  Double-take ...

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The Walrus and the Carpenter


In part one of this series I introduced you to ALICE. A segment of the population incapable of bearing the weight of a personal financial event. We also outlined the importance of the non-profit agencies which support both the traditional “poor” and ALICE. These organizations rely on the charity of ...

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