• Justin Renner's Long Story

    Justin Renner's Long Story

    Greencastle native Justin Renner took the long route to his current life in Indianapolis. Fronting one band, backing another, working his day-job, and flirting with his acting chops, Renner has become a sort of modern Renaissance man.

  • One With the World

    One With the World

    Pages, War Radio’s second full-length album, showcases The Putnam Four’s sophisticated studio sound, a strong philosophical voice, and the technical mastery we’ve always expected from them.

  • Songs You Should Have Heard:

    Songs You Should Have Heard:

    Sometimes the things we worry about losing are things we never really needed.

  • Gus Moon: A Traveler's Tale

    Gus Moon: A Traveler's Tale

    The constant flux outside is a fitting backdrop for Gus Moon’s life these days, which seems to be heading in new directions all the time.

  • Meet Me in The Middle

    Meet Me in The Middle

    We will never solve the world’s problems digging trenches along our ideological front and shelling the other side with labels in insults. We have to turn to the values we share. We share much more than we realize.

  • Myer's Market: A Personal Touch

    Myer's Market: A Personal Touch

    National Road Magazine is proud to welcome Myers’ Market as one of our primary supporters and sponsors. Please enjoy this feature profiling Mitch Myers, his Market, and the impact it has had on our local community. More importantly, support our sponsors and check out what’s happening at Myers’ Market.

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Justin Renner’s Long Story


Greencastle native Justin Renner took the long route to his current life in Indianapolis. Fronting one band, backing another, working his day-job, and flirting with his acting chops, Renner has become a sort of modern Renaissance man. by Donovan Wheeler photos by Tim McLaughlin Justin Renner sits belly up to ...

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The Rat, The Mouse, and a Happy Thanksgiving


When this piece was originally written,  I was too many pounds lighter, my mother was still alive, and my Facebook feed was still filled with political posts…different stuff…same anger.  I was getting ready to write something about this Thanksgiving, but as I read this one, I thought a lot about ...

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Meet Me in the Middle


We have more in common than we think, so I’m done with the whole game of arguing about politics from one side or the other. In 2004 I was at war with just about everyone in my community.  In the local newspaper—using an anonymous “letter to the editor” feature called ...

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You Know Nothing


November 9, 2016 8:51 a.m. Terre Haute, IN My alarm didn’t go off this morning. I’d turned it off around 1 a.m. so that I could sleep in a little. Turns out that didn’t matter, I woke up around 6:30 anyway. I lumbered downstairs in my usual routine, fed the ...

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Politics is Local


by Donovan Wheeler photos by Caitlin Fogle Politics isn’t flying around the country with your name on the side of your jet.  It’s not standing at a podium on the free-throw line of a college basketball arena.  It’s not spouting empty platitudes about nascent things like the weather to frenzied, ...

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Workout Wendi: Inspiration from a Modern #Nastywoman


I don’t know how much time is left in my workout.  The clock at Deer Meadow Primary School hugs the far wall, the hands obscured by the reflective glare of the florescent lights above it.  Further shielded by the latticework of steel protecting it from very errant three-pointers.  Totally blurred ...

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Friday Photo Blog: DoitIndy Radio Hour


National Road Magazine’s Friday Photo Blog returns with a lengthy collection by frequent contributor Tim McLaughlin.  Once again, McLaughlin demonstrates his adept eye for the stage profiling some of the amazing talent which plays in the Hoosier state’s capital city. photos and copy by Tim McLaughlin On Saturday October 22, ...

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The Challengers


The Education Debate Which Never Happened by Donovan Wheeler photos by Thomas F. Yeiser and Jonathan Alan Balash When I sat down to write this feature, I planned a back-and-forth under one central, umbrella question:  Has the Daniels/Pence/Bennett ed-reform master plan actually worked?  Kim Fidler was willing to spend more ...

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A Kaleidoscope of Melodies Occupying Thoughts


Cory Huffman’s preview of Jimmy Eat World’s ninth album, Integrity Blues (Releases October 21st) touches on the band’s ability to remain relevant as both they and their loyal fans mature. by Cory Huffman photos by Jimi Giannatti courtesy of Big Hassle Publicity Occasionally, when the feeling strikes, usually about the ...

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In Indianapolis, It’s Always Personal


National Road Magazine’s Jennifer Stevens offers this passionate rebuttal to Donovan Wheeler’s take on the Colts. If you check my social media feeds on any given Sunday, you’re likely to see ranting and raving about the Colts.  In fact, just last Sunday, I called the loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars ...

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A Casual Colts Customer


Like a lot of Hoosiers my age, our lives are somewhat enmeshed in the mystique of the Colts.  But ever since the team parted ways with Peyton Manning, my attitude about the Colts–and professional sports as a whole–has changed. When Bob Irsay threw his last pair of shoulderpads, his last ...

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Ruby on the Brain: Walk the Dogs


For the last nine months our lives have been held hostage by the biggest, most hyper, most destructive puppy dog I’ve ever been around.  I love the dog…I do.  I just wish she’d get old, slow, and fat like the rest of us. It’s a crisp, overcast Thursday afternoon, and ...

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Friday Photo Blog: Caitlin Fogle’s Greencastle


Captured through the capable lens of National Road Magazine’s Caitlin Fogle, these are the people who have made Greencastle, Indiana one of the most enviable small towns in the Midwest.  Their stories are those of very human people: ambitious, visionary, determined, and eventually philosophical.  If you don’t appreciate what they’ve ...

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