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The Kids Are All Grown Up


All the kids are coming home tonight.  By “kids” I really mean young-adults.  The twins are 20, Emily is 22, and Jim is…24?  Maybe 25…?  I can’t remember because too much trauma happened in between. Everyone thinks that having children and starting a family is a blessing—one of the greatest ...

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Tunes Around Town: Rick Michael

Michael 3a thanksgiving

Rick Michael’s run down of what’s up this Thanksgiving week. November 20-25, 2017 November 20, 2017 Jack Gibson: Acoustic Open Mic / The Swizzle Stick 7:00 to 9:00 November 21, 2017 Lonesome Train / Wasser Brewing Company 7:00-9:00 November 22, 2017 War Radio / Wasser Brewing Company 8:00 to 11:00 ...

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Immerse Yourself: Life After College

College_graduate_students Featured Image

A down payment for a car.  A decent apartment.  Job offers.  I expected these things to fall into place after I graduated from college.  Instead, I faced no job offers and not nearly enough money to start my “adult life.”  So, at 22 I am still living at home with my ...

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Friday Photo Blog: Jack Broadbent @ The Vogue

Featured Image Broadbent

Photos and Text by Tim McLaughlin Hapless Guitar Photography WTTS FM, has been bringing some big names to Indianapolis for many years, and the Vogue Theater has been hosting amazing bands for far longer. On this day WTTS FM brought, I think, the coolest blues line up of 2017.  The ...

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Jack Gibson: Beyond the Rebound

Gibson 005

by Donovan Wheeler photos by Caitlin Fogle Prologue The best stories always start with a breakup.  You can see that in Jack Gibson’s eyes when he talks about it.  You can hear it when his voice trails off as his thoughts drift to what once was.  And you can sense ...

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Vignettes: Carmichael


Carmichael at Wasser Brewing Company Friday–November 17 @ 8:00 Two-thirds of Carmichael’s self-titled debut album is everything that excellent, modern rock-and-roll records dare to be: inventive, exploratory, and experimental.  From introspective ruminations on the human condition hammered out in thematically appropriate, plodding time-signatures to tracks playing with an evocative country-blues ...

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The Five Stages of Being a 2017 Colts Fan


About this time last year, I wrote an impassioned editorial refuting Donovan Wheeler’s callous claims that the NFL was basically a 32 team brothel designed to take football fans’ money and time by extolling the virtues of the Colts as a unifying force for the community.  Three quarterbacks and nine ...

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Friday Photo Blog: The Little 500’s Cutters


Throughout the autumn months, in one bicycle shop after another, a quirky little board game appeared on the shelves.  Glory Gears, a game inspired by 1979’s Breaking Away, the surprise hit film depicting Indiana University’s signature spring event, not only captures the excitement of competitive cycling strategy, its very existence ...

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Rooting for the Team


Our loyalty to political party mirrors our loyalty to college ball teams.  That’s not a good thing. Growing up a half-hour west of Bloomington, Indiana my family was surrounded by Hoosier basketball fans.  This was the mid-1980’s…at the height of Robert Montgomery Knight’s reign of terror wildly successful stint as ...

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Vignettes: Cole Woodruff

Cole Woodruff, Frankfort IN, a solo artist who was performing at The HI-FI with Brother O Brother and Calliope.

Featured Image by Tim McLaughlin Hapless Guitar Photography At a glance Cole Woodruff is quintessentially small town Hoosier.  The open, plaid button-down shirt; the worn infantry cap with the frayed edges on the bill; the wispy scraggles of a five, six, and seven ‘o clock shadow; the friendly head-nod/shoulder-shrug combination.  ...

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Vignettes: Cari Ray


I could say that Cari Ray is a superb, technical musician when she works the frets.  That would be true.  I could also say that Cari Ray’s voice is better than strong—it rings in even, resplendent peals of sound.  That would also be true.  I could say that Cari Ray evokes ...

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Strictly Business: Life at Both Ends of the Monon

Featured 3 Monon

I suppose I am, in some ways, my parents’ worst nightmare: I am the kid who went to college and never left. I grew up in a college town, earned my bachelor’s degree, went on to graduate school, earned my master’s degree, and now work at a college. For better or ...

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A Manuscript Tale: Sheets in the Wind


Author’s Note:  I wrote this for a reading I gave in Greencastle as part of the Greencastle Arts Council’s “Beginning Again” event.  I stood as one of five reader/performers, all of us sharing our thoughts about the creative process, how we start over, and the hurdles we face as we ...

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