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Wabash Valley Honors Area Musicians

Wright 3

by Mark Wright photos by Deb Hadley The Wabash Valley Musicians Hall of Fame inducted 15 new members on Sunday, March 13, with a rousing party at the Terre Haute Zorah Shrine Temple.  An estimated 400-500 people attended the event, which ran from noon to about 7:00 p.m. Attendees were ...

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The Heuristic Voter

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How did we get to this point in the 2016 election?  DePauw University psychology professor discusses the basic findings presented in his 2013 book, The Tell–findings which explain to a great extent how voters who think they are making informed, rational decisions often make choices that are anything but. by ...

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McMillin, Loya, and White Performing Wednesday at DePauw


press release by Ronald Dye Editor’s Note:  Next month, National Road Magazine will run features on both David McMillin and his band, Fort Frances, as well as an accompanying feature on local band Gus Moon in anticipation of their joint performance at the Hi-Fi in Indianapolis’ Fountain Square District in ...

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Combatting Cynicism and Hitting a High Note

Stevens 2

It’s easy to become cynical in today’s world.  Just watch the news, or read your Facebook newsfeed, or watch a political debate and the cynicism will begin to creep up on you.  There are numerous things to complain about from government spending to the presidential candidates to bad service at ...

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Worth the Binge: The People vs OJ Simpson

Stevens 1

In many ways, it’s hard to forget the O.J. Simpson trial.   “The Trial of the Century” seemed to permeate every part of the mid to late nineties.  For many, the white Bronco driving through Los Angeles, the infamous fitting of the glove, and the verdict being announced are flashbulb memories ...

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Alex Dezen’s Gracefully Narrated Biography


by Cory Huffman photos by Mike Dunn of Rust and Rebel On February 12, 2016, Alex Dezen (founder, frontman and chief songsmith for the Brooklyn-bred four-piece The Damnwells) readily jumped into his next musical chapter by issuing his first full-length solo set, a properly titular, genuinely personal, 10-track self-portrait of ...

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Friday Photo Blog: Indy’s Women on the Stage


Indianapolis is the Crossroads of America, and this is no more true than in music.  With music venues from the larger Vogue Theater to the smaller Melody Inn, music plays from Zionsville to spots such as Broad Ripple, Downtown Indianapolis, Fountain Square and many places in-between. For this selection of ...

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Harper Lee: The Influence of the Mockingbird

Perrin 1

“The book to read is not the one that thinks for you but the one which makes you think.” –Harper Lee When I was young, I used to read aloud with my dad on a regular basis. This didn’t only happen before bed, but it would happen during summer break ...

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