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Vignettes: Chad Lehr

Chad Lehr at Wasser Brewing Company
Thursday–March 8 @ 8:00

In a time when “Americana” serves as a label identifying everything from a group of millennials reinventing classic rock to precision-picking honky-tonkers who play something more like country, sometimes a performer comes along who dovetails perfectly with the genre as we first understood it.   Chad Lehr’s sound is the brand of music that forces us to admit: “This is what we think of when we think of Americana.”  Maybe Lehr has perfected the intonations and rhythms along the lines of a Ryan Adams or a Ray LaMontange (we would argue he has).  Maybe he wholeheartedly embraces his current style because he’s spent a long time knocking down post-pop/post-hardcore tunes with a different band over a decade ago (we think there’s some truth it that, too).  To say he’s talented is a given.  Musically sound, vocally consistent and solid.  But he’s also seasoned.  We always respect artists who know who they are out of the gate and perfect it.  But we have to give that second nod of dignified admiration to the guy who has tried a lot of everything and has settled on the sound that best defines him.

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