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Father’s Day Series: Lessons I Learned in the Lab

Chem Lab

This week National Road Magazine’s writers share in their own way what their fathers mean to them.  In this installment, Jennifer Stevens reminds us that our fathers play different roles to other people.  When we see them as others do, we grow to love them more. – For over 20 ...

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Father’s Day Series: The Son of a Carpenter

Son of Carp Featured

This week National Road Magazine’s writers share in their own way what their fathers mean to them.  In this installment, Donovan Wheeler explains that, no matter what paths we choose with our own lives, the work of our fathers still follows us. Warning:  This editorial contains some rather necessary, yet ...

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Once Inside the Oval

Turn Three Ova

Two weeks after his friend, IndyCar racing owner Bryan Herta, took the checkered flag with rookie driver Alexander Rossi, Indiana native Rob Cleveland reflects both on his own time working in auto racing as well as the current state of the open-wheel circuit. The most fun I ever had in ...

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The Party in My Town


The festivals and events in Indianapolis are great, much-needed getaways.  But getting together here at home is something the large city cannot replicate. The Italian Street Festival, on the Circle City’s southeast side, pours heat, heavy food, beer, and humanity into a large combustible concoction.  For the last five years, ...

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Captain America: Then, Now, and the One In-Between


Reprinted from coachnobody.com–April 10, 2014 The Captain America I grew up reading woke up from his deep freeze in the late 1960’s.  The hero today’s kids watch slept through Vietnam, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush II.  I think that matters.  I think it matters a lot. *Author’s Note:  As of ...

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A Letter to Hoosier Teachers: Vote or Die

Wheeler 2

If you’re a public school teacher in Indiana, I’m writing to you.  If you’re not a member of that community, you’re more than welcome to read along, but please understand that I write this without apology.  We are in the process of reaching out to other writers willing to share ...

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Combatting Cynicism and Hitting a High Note

Stevens 2

It’s easy to become cynical in today’s world.  Just watch the news, or read your Facebook newsfeed, or watch a political debate and the cynicism will begin to creep up on you.  There are numerous things to complain about from government spending to the presidential candidates to bad service at ...

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Harper Lee: The Influence of the Mockingbird

Perrin 1

“The book to read is not the one that thinks for you but the one which makes you think.” –Harper Lee When I was young, I used to read aloud with my dad on a regular basis. This didn’t only happen before bed, but it would happen during summer break ...

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Town & Gown: DePauw is Not the Problem

Wheeler 2

Sometime late last year my step-daughter made her college decision. After two years of “I can’t wait to get as far away from this place as possible” peppered with thousands of passing references to “I’ve got to go to school out of the state,” she chose one of the nation’s ...

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