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Vignettes: Craig Thurston

Craig Thurston at Wasser Brewing Company
Friday April 20 @ 8:00

Copy by Donovan Wheeler

He fell in love with music from a distance, parking cars at the (then) Deer Creek Music Center.  Today he tours Indiana and the Midwest, entertaining listeners with a set of pipes that bottom out with a fluid mid-tenor spreading over some songs, and a husky rasp punctuating others.  Paired with his deliberate string-work holding the guitar pick, Craig Thurston shares the chops he honed decades after holding down that teenage job which inspired him to strap on his first six-string.  He’s certainly worth a listen because he’s good…very good, to be specific.  He’s also worth a set or two because he’s worked extremely hard for a long time to get to that level.  At the very least, that alone is worth the price of a beer, a burger, and a tip.  But Thurston’s quintessentially American embodiment of staying at it, not quitting until he’s got it right…?  That demands something we can’t attach to a dollar figure.


Thurston Reverb

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