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Vignettes: Union Suit Rally

As the band claims on their own Facebook page, Union Suit Rally’s 2016 EP, W.W.P, is a “a raw, layered blend of country, blues and rock.”  It’s an apt summary.  Ranging from catchy and up-tempo tracks such as “Right in the Middle” and “Bluebilly” to the slower paced tunes such as “Pray for Prey” and “Wild Flowers,” the group offers a well-crafted blend of styles creating a fun time for anyone willing to spend an hour in front of their stage.  Chris Cunningham’s mandolin is without question the group’s most distinct sound, smartly placed in every track around the work of Brad Powers’ vocals.  Bands like this work when they stand on stage and bearing themselves to us as the same people they were when they got started, goofing around in the garage or the basement.  Union Suit Rally gets that idea, and they sell it well.  Totally worth a listen.

Union Suit Rally — Greencastle First Friday — Wasser Brewing Stage w/ Black Market Vinyl


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  1. You do not want to miss this talented, synced-up and energetic bunch of guys!

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