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Vignettes: Dreadful Greta

The members of Dreadful Greta are as young as 18…as old as…50 or 60-something.  And yeah… “Tribute Band” is probably the correct term to describe them.  I’m just not sure it’s the one I want to go with.  For starters, the world’s remaining “Deadheads” are a largely minute school of “Phish.”  In my own case, before “Touch of Grey” hit the airwaves when I was a college freshman, I hardly knew about the band…other than that they existed.  Such was the brainwashing power of ’80-era corporate radio.  Since then, I’ve educated myself, and like a lot of would-be Dead aficionados, I’ve gravitated to the standard favorites from their canon (“Casey Jones” anyone?)  While the Greencastle-based quintet does toss in some occasional Dylan and Beatles tracks, they mostly hold to their inverted moniker.  Their niche is pretty cool.  Their catchy name is clever, too.  And it’s always an added plus if you can get through a set list without enduring the 786th rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing” or “Purple Rain.”  Around here their music makes them different.  Their flip-flops and tie-dyes and stove-top hats make them fun.  But it’s their skill that makes them worth your time.

Dreadful Greta — LIVEstock Music Festival — Saturday August 18th — Music Begins at 2:00.



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