Art and Life

Both two and three-dimensional art, film, and everything in between: Middle Indiana’s visual expression is a burgeoning element of the social scene.

On Being a Hoosier

Before I went to Sweden I considered myself an American from Indiana. Since returning home, I realize that instead I’m a Hoosier first.

Video: Lockdown Interview Featuring: Bubba Fontaine

Tim McLaughlin, of Hapless Guitar Photography, launches his video series chronicling what’s going on among the artists, creators, and musicians in the Greater Indy scene.  …

On the Trail, Day Two: A Sample of Kentucky’s Bourbon Region

Day 2: Bardstown: Maker’s Mark and the Talbott Tavern January 4, 2020 [dropcap]I[/dropcap] was the first one to get ready for what was going to …

On the Trail: A Sample of Kentucky’s Bourbon Region

Day One: Down South to Louisville January 3, 2020 When I was four years old, my mom, dad and I paid a little visit to …

My Relationship with Air Travel

I was 35 years old when I stepped onto an airplane for the first time.  When I tell people that, about half of them pop their …

Falling Victim to the Artful Dodger

Maybe if the thieves hadn’t pick-pocketed Wendi’s purse, my feelings about London would be different.  The fact remains, however, that they did.  London, consequently, proved …

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