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From the debate over education reform to the future of Middle Indiana’s quality of life, sometimes we break from the norm and sit down with people rolling up their sleeves and slugging it out in political and ideological boxing rings.

Notes from the Edge, A Journal of Social Distancing Part Two

Notes from The Edge: The Chronicles of my Social Distancing amid the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic Monday, March 16th I awaken to my friend’s irate text and roughly 100 emails from students. I’d asked them to respond to an email from last week, acknowledging that they understand how their courses will …

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We Must Support Those Who Make Life Good

At this point, saying that “times are hard, right now,” is the understatement of understatements.  Already my friends who work in the local and regional music industry are telling us that life is getting challenging.  To be honest, I have often wondered about the fragile nature of this particular economic …

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Notes from the Edge: A Journal of Social Distancing

Notes from The Edge: The Chronicles of my Social Distancing amid the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic Friday, March 13th My 2:00 Rhetoric and Research is the shortest class ever. I return their graded research proposals and, before shooing them out into ever unstable reality, wish them luck and health. If I …

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How the Ed-Reformers Blew It: Four Massive Screw-Ups

After arguing for decades that “schools should be run like businesses” Indiana’s education reformers simply swapped out one bureaucracy for a vastly more complex substitute.  They failed.  They blew it. Now, they’re getting you mad at me, so that you won’t turn your pitchforks on them. It was the grand …

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I Am Lordstown

By betraying the loyalty of the workers in Lordstown, GM has betrayed my loyalty to them as a customer.  After three consecutive Cruzes in my garage, now I have to find a new car… and a new brand. I have never been to Lordstown, Ohio, but Lordstown, Ohio has been …

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The Specific Problem with Standardized Tests

Grading a school or a teacher based on a “blind test” is the same as evaluating a football coach who cannot scout his opponents. When the Hoosier state finally (finally) released this year’s ISTEP results, Indiana House Representative Jim Lucas (R-Seymour) wasted no time in politicizing it: “Less than half …

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Go Ask ALICE: Through the Looking Glass

It takes more than dollars to raise a non-profit mission. It takes a village.  In parts I and II of this series I highlighted some of the concerns about charitable giving, changes to tax laws that will affect it in the future, and the organizations that rely on donations for …

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