Singers, songwriters, instrumentalists. Whether they are from here or have traveled here, Middle Indiana is always putting great talent our its stages.

Roadie Awards: Best Album/EP #3

Front Page captures not just anxieties of parenthood and growing old, but unique challenges of latching onto those anxieties in the age when the world’s future feels murky. Front Page for the Modern Age wants to let us know that everything is going to be okay, but it also doesn’t want to bullshit us.

Roadie Awards: Best Album/EP #4

Memories Are Rolling Credits is a full listening experience because it knows when to give us what we want and expect from Carmichael, and it knows when throw all of that out the window and be something we didn’t think any regional band could be.

Roadie Awards: Best Single #7

This list was assembled with the help of a lot of folks who love music from every level and angle.  One of them is a college music professor, a capable musician with depth–and breadth–of knowledge and years of experience gigging around western Indiana.  Another is an award-winning international recording artist.  Yet another is a college …

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Roadie Awards: Best Single #8

Indiana native and DePauw alumnus David McMillen propelled the Chicago-based band to prominence with their sophomore album Alio, which featured another nominated song, “Building a Wall.”  But as our judge explains above, “Double Take” illustrates how both polished production values and solid musical chops results in the perfect song to listen to a relaxing afternoon.

Roadie Awards: Best Album/EP #5

“When I sit down on a hot summer day and soak in that Hoosier humidity, I find myself repeatedly turning to Brandon Tinkler’s Open Up Your Eyes. I stare into the emptiness of the deck around me and imagine my parents and their friends, grilling burgers, drinking Blatz, and talking about Nixon.

Albums You Need to Hear: Chad Mills’ The Refrain

Review by Tim McLaughlinPrinciple at Hapless Guitar Photography Chad Mills will bring songs from his new album The Refrain to Radio Radio, in the Fountain Square neighborhood, on January 25.  The night will also see music performances by The Porchmen and the Upright Willies. If you’ve seen Chad Mills over the last year or two, …

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Roadie Awards: Best Single #9

Despite its sentimental and sometimes sorrowful tone–one evocatively sung by Tosh Everson’s powerful mezzo-soprano–“Anthem’s” strongest feature is its rocking tempo and signature guitar sequences.