Friday Cover Blog: The Second Stream Covers

Red Wanting Blue front-man, Scott Terry, described his band’s national presence as such:

“When I look at our work, all our friends, and the people in the other bands…it almost seems as if there’s two streams which every now and then touch each other, but most of the time they exist as separate running channels. There are the bands like us: we travel, we play, and we build up our audiences over time…very grass roots. Then there are acts which sort of come out of nowhere. One minute you’re saying, ‘I’ve never heard of this person before,’ and suddenly they are everywhere. But you can also tell that something is working for these people behind the scenes, getting them visibility, and putting them out there. And for any of these other bands over here in this other stream…if something of that level were behind them giving them the same type of promotional backing…then you sometimes wonder. Maybe it still wouldn’t hit the wall and stick, you never know, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt getting whatever you can from however long you hang onto the bricks.”

These covers represent our prized conversations with members of that “Second Stream.”  They tour the nation.  You’ve heard them on the radio, in movies, and on television.  Because they they lack the mega-financial backing of a Harry Styles or a Taylor Swift, they largely get to keep the anonymity of normal, daily lives.  Had they all been born 30 years earlier, perhaps one of the record labels would have rolled $100,000 on their craps table.  Maybe we would have heard Casey Kasem utter one of their names on Sunday mornings.

Conjecture, however, is worth far less than good music.  On the latter point, these guys deliver.  Make no mistake: these guys are talented, seasoned, professional musicians.

Fort Frances’ David McMillin

Cover Photo by Christopher Hiltz 

Cover Photo by Christopher Hiltz 

Red Wanting Blue’s Scott Terry

Photo courtesy of Fanatic Records and Mike Farley. 

Photo courtesy of Fanatic Records and Mike Farley.
 Cover Photo by Bruce Haley.

NRM Staff
Author: NRM Staff

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