Singers, songwriters, instrumentalists. Whether they are from here or have traveled here, Middle Indiana is always putting great talent our its stages.

From Chaos to Perspective: Jon Strahl Amid the Pandemic

Before the pandemic, Jon Strahl was bouncing back from personal tragedy and gearing up for a big summer on the stage. Then the pandemic struck.

The Healing Power of Jazz

How a Friday night in Indy’s remodeled Jazz Kitchen helped me bring much needed closure to a lot of emotional darkness. Editorial Disclaimer: The views and …

Why Rebekah Meldrum’s Spirit is Free

As Rebekah Meldrum can attest to, a journey to a happy place often covers both years and miles.

Play One for Evan Twitty

The next time you shoulder your guitar, look at the crowd, and be thankful for the life you have.  Think of Evan Twitty, and play the next one for him.

The Roadie Awards: Keller&Cole Sweeps #1

Keller&Cole sweeps both the Best Single and Best Album/EP categories of our first “Roadie Awards.”

Roadie Awards: Best Single #2

This list was assembled with the help of a lot of folks who love music from every level and angle.  One of them is a …

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