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Call of the Wild: Life After Technology Addiction

If revered ancient cultures could maintain themselves for thousands of years without the aid of a smartphone, why is it that within just a few hundred, we’ve managed to drive ourselves into the ground?

How the Ed-Reformers Blew It: Four Massive Screw-Ups

After arguing for decades that “schools should be run like businesses” Indiana’s education reformers simply swapped out one bureaucracy for a vastly more complex substitute.  …

A Farewell to Ken Owen

Ken Owen finishes his last semester at the school that groomed him.  A victim of the modern higher-ed disaster unfolding before us, I would feel …

The New (Climate Change) Normal

Climate change is not only affecting temperature, but weather patterns, commercial farming, and is threatening to release diseases we thought long gone. I had the chance …

I Am Lordstown

By betraying the loyalty of the workers in Lordstown, GM has betrayed my loyalty to them as a customer.  After three consecutive Cruzes in my …

All that “F#€king” Gray Area

A commentary on the “F-Bomb,” with diagrammed sentences. Editorial Disclaimer Number One: This piece uses the dreaded “F-word” a LOT.  And sure, several of us …

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