Vignettes: Carmichael

Carmichael at Wasser Brewing Company
Friday–November 17 @ 8:00

Two-thirds of Carmichael’s self-titled debut album is everything that excellent, modern rock-and-roll records dare to be: inventive, exploratory, and experimental.  From introspective ruminations on the human condition hammered out in thematically appropriate, plodding time-signatures to tracks playing with an evocative country-blues swing to ringing guitar riff hearkening to the early days of rock music, Carmichael does more than stake their claim to versatility: they pull it off.

But that remaining third…that’s everything that excellent, modern rock-and-roll records should be. Anchored by the band’s flagship tune “Because I said I Would,” followed up with the equally charming “Waitress in Perdido,” and closing with the melodically strong “One of These Days,” Carmichael reminds us that what good bands do best is send us out the door repeating catchy melodies in our heads.  It’s the reason we spent Sundays around our stereos listening to Casey Kasem’s Top 40.  Good rock-and-roll turns over the loose earth in our brains.  Great rock-and-roll stays in our heads and gets us through a long week at work.  Carmichael does all of that.

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Featured Image: Courtesy Carmichael

Author: Donovan Wheeler

Wheeler proudly teaches English to a horde of bright and lovably obnoxious high school seniors in a small college town. He has written in the past for Indiana on Tap and STATE Magazine, and is an occasional contributor to NUVO, Indy's alternate news website. Since picking up the guitar three years, he can now play a dozens songs while singing them quite badly.

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