Vignettes: Cari Ray

I could say that Cari Ray is a superb, technical musician when she works the frets.  That would be true.  I could also say that Cari Ray’s voice is better than strong—it rings in even, resplendent peals of sound.  That would also be true.  I could say that Cari Ray evokes that sort of proud, confident, Midwestern independence which commands respect the moment you step in her presence.  Yep, that’s true, also.  And I could say that Cari Ray’s lyrical skills mix both tender honesty with frank bluntness…depending on the circumstances.  Again…true.  Any one of these attributes would be reason enough to grab a seat and check out a set.  Combine them, and you’re all but compelled to watch her perform.

Look for an in-depth conversation with Ray in the near future.  In the meantime, she will share the Music on the Square stage with Cole Woodruff this Thursday as part of WGRE’s Homegrown Concert Series.

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Author: Donovan Wheeler

Wheeler proudly teaches English to a horde of bright and lovably obnoxious high school seniors in a small college town. He has written in the past for Indiana on Tap and STATE Magazine, and is an occasional contributor to NUVO, Indy's alternate news website. Since picking up the guitar three years, he can now play a dozens songs while singing them quite badly.

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